Ancho Chili BBQ

Ancho Chili BBQ

8 packs to a box (38 grams)

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Ancho Chili BBQ


Natural, powerful and simply unique. A nutty, crunchy snack with a healthy hint of savory flavor—just the right balance to keep you at peak performance.

As farmers, we’ve learned hemp is good for our planet and our health that’s why  we’re the first farm in New York State in over 80 years to legally grow it. Now we’re building a nationwide network of organic growers with the same values we hold on our farm in Eaton, NY.

By choosing hemp, you're helping change the food landscape and supporting a viable superfood poised to do wonders for organic farmers, the environment and your nutrition.

So thanks, for making a smart pick that's sure to please. Together we can restore hemp to its rightful place in pantries around the world.

Comes in a box of 8.

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