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our story


Our story begins on our founders farm in the lush organic fields of Eaton, New York. It was there, back in 2016, when hemp rightly returned to New York soil for the first time in over 80 years.

Bowled over by the big taste of these tiny seeds, our three founders were instantly hooked on the nutty buttery flavor and satisfying crunch. But as fitness fanatics, it was the nutritionals that really floored them. Full of protein, fiber, and omegas, Mark, Dan, and Bryan became impassioned believers in hemp as the perfect clean fuel for keeping heart-healthy.

And so the gauntlet was thrown. Make an organic snack that tastes great, without adding sugar or any artificial nonsense, while keeping that wonderful nutty hemp flavor front and center. Today, from the great plains of North Dakota, to the green fields where it started in New York, Eaton Hemp is proud to work with other organic farms all doing their part to restore hemp back to its rightful place in the American agricultural landscape.


core values

They fuel everything we do.


Mother Nature holds the key to our health.

We give her our gratitude by way of respect for the soil and the seeds, the sun and the rain, the harrow and the harvest, and all the good folks who have a hand in getting our hemp out of the earth and onto your shelf.


The work of our day is measured much more than any dollars and cents could value.

Our value is in the pride we take in making a product that will benefit the health and well-being of you and your family. We hold ourselves accountable for protecting the trust you put in our care. It’s a big responsibility, and we don’t take that lightly.


It is your right to know what you put in your body.

We may long for simpler times when the food you grew, was the only food you ate. For most of us that’s hard to do, which is why we do it for you. And to ensure we do it right, we are committed to showing you as much of the process as you want to see, from where we grow our seeds to how we make em and bake em.

Meet the founders

What do Bruce Wayne, Jack Ryan, and Don Draper have in common? About as much as our founders would seem to on paper. But the power of hemp is compelling. And truth is always stranger than fiction.

Mark Justh grew up in rural Pennsylvania, had a storied career in finance, then wanting to return to his roots. bought a farm in upstate New York. As there is much less bullshit in the barn than in the boardroom, Mark’s outlet for pain now includes marathons, really, really long ones, as in 100 miles.

A few years later, Dan Dolgin left his distinguished career in national security to join Mark as the co-owner of JD Farms. Rumor has it, his state secrets are locked in a vault buried somewhere on the farm. In his downtime, Dan plays bass, sometimes for humans, but mostly for cattle.

When it came time for Mark and Dan to turn their super seeds into super foods, kismet brought them to Bryan D’Alessandro. His illustrious background building values-driven brands combined with a passion for plant-based living formed the last congruent side of the triangle. Bryan watched a lot of Macgyver while growing up on Long Island, which explains his uncanny ability to fix any problem, big or small, sometimes with just a pocket knife.

The history of hemp

America and back again

welcome to our farm

eaton, ny - u.s.a

The town of Eaton is as bucolic as it gets. Rolling hills, farmers caring for the land- we are proud to call it home.

From our farms to your home

Healthy never tasted so good

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