5 Remarkable Benefits of Hemp Seeds

5 Remarkable Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are one of nature's most nutritionally dense foods. These tiny seeds are loaded with fiber, protein, Omega 3s, and a complete amino acid profile—what could be better? Due to their superior nutritional profile, hemp seeds provide numerous benefits when regularly included in your diet. Here are five remarkable benefits of hemp seeds and why you need to start eating them today! 


  1. Memory and Brain Health

One of the top benefits of hemp seeds is that they can improve memory function and help your brain fire on all cylinders. Memory function is a surprising, yet powerful benefit of hemp seeds.

The reason they are so effective in supporting memory function is because hemp seeds contain an enormous amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. They are also the only perfect plant-based source of Omega 3:6s. This means they provide your body with its ideal 1:3 Omega 3:6 ratio. To be fully optimized, and to perform at the highest level, your body’s Omega 3:6 balance needs to be between 1:1 and 1:4. 

If you do not fall into this ratio, your body may experience inflammation. Many Americans—over 90%—have an unbalanced ratio, due to the poor habits of our modern diets. And while this is not ideal, your physical body can survive despite a suboptimal Omega 3:6 ratio. The more pressing issue is that you cannot get away with it mentally and you will just not be performing at your highest level. Your memory and creativity will suffer, and your focus won’t be optimal. Your brain will also retain less fluid. When your mind isn't fluid, your neurological receptors having a much more difficult time connecting and communicating. They symptoms of this are brain fog or the feeling of “It’s at the tip of my tongue!” 

To achieve optimal brain health, you must consume DHA, EPA, other Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6s such as alpha-linolenic acid and gamma-linolenic acid in the body’s ideal ratio. This ratio, 1:3 (Omega 3:6) is only perfectly matched in one plant-based food in nature—hemp! 

Omega 3 fatty acids are the brain's preferred building blocks, and when in a balanced ratio with Omega 6s, you will experience a significant cognitive boost. Combined with sufficient cannabinoids for brain health (found in our CBD, and Hemp Oil), it is clear hemp was put on the planet to help humans function at the most optimal level. This is why other cultures including Chinese and ancient cultures, have used it for over 3,000 years. 

Adequate amounts of Omega 3s and reduced amounts of Omega 6s in a balanced ratio will significantly reduce inflammation in your body and increase fluidity in all your body's functions. It is like oil to a car's engine, but your engine is the brain. A lack of Omega 3s or an unbalanced ratio, as over 90% of Americans have, can lead to increased feelings of stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Consistent servings of hemp seeds, or other sources of Omega 3's can help you achieve optimal brain health and keep your mental state on fire!

  1. Whole Hemp Seed Nutrition 

Hemp seed nutrition goes far beyond the Omega 3s—they also include a healthy dose of fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Hemp is said to be nature’s #1 superfood! There are tons of foods out there with incredible benefits for your body, but what makes hemp natures #1 superfood is the fact that it is the full package. 

Hemp is a protein-packed (complete protein) food, loaded with prebiotic fiber. It’s also the only plant-based food with the same Omega 3-6 ratio as fish oil, and contains vital vitamins and minerals that so many people are deficient in. Hemp seeds are rich in magnesium and zinc, which are minerals most people are deficient in. Both magnesium and zinc aid in gut health and preventing leaky gut, as well as muscle relaxation, mood, and many other benefits. 

Hemp seeds are also rich in iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, alpha-linolenic acid, and linoleic acid. Vitamin E, for example, is a great one to highlight—it supports immune function, lowers and helps fight inflammation, helps eye health, and has many proven anti-aging benefits! It’s so effective that many beauty brands include vitamin E in their skin care products.

Overall, having sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals will help you have an optimized, high performing body, as well as a brain at full force. More importantly, you will feel great and have tons of energy throughout the day, and sleep well at night. To improve some of your mineral and vitamin intakes, be sure to check out our Super Seeds and Super Crunch Chocolate Bars!

  1. Increased Energy 

We all need a little energy boost sometimes! Eaton Hemp's superfood snacks are the perfect snacks to help you fuel your day. Our hemp seeds are the highest quality, most potent superfoods in nature. Super Seeds and Super Crunch Chocolate bars will provide you with the cleanest fuel on the market. 

Hemp seeds are a complete protein, containing all 20 amino acids—including all essential ones—to help fuel your muscles. They also have high-quality, healthy fats to provide your brain the fuel it needs as well as your muscles and joints the fluidity they need to get you through the day feeling energized and healthy. 

Further, the fact that hemp has a perfectly balanced Omega 3:6 ratio is enormous. Studies show that supplementing Omega 3s and balancing your bodies Omega 3:6 ratio is critical in reducing inflammation in the body and providing hydration to your joints, muscles, and brain. When your body is firing on all cylinders, you feel great, and your energy will significantly increase. 

This energy difference is especially noticeable in the morning. When your body doesn’t have tons of inflammation, not only do you sleep well, but you sleep better, allowing you to wake up feeling recharged and fueled. Hemp seeds also provide you with a plethora of micronutrients, such as vitamin E, magnesium, iron, and zinc. All these minerals play a huge role in giving your body energy throughout the day and helping you feel great. Lastly, the fiber in hemp keeps your gut healthy, and digestion running smooth. 

  1. Helps Build Strong Muscles

Most people equate strong muscles with protein and weight training. And while protein is essential, there is a big misconception that all protein is created equal. There is a massive difference between a protein that is incomplete and lacks amino acids, compared to a complete protein. A complete protein, such as hemp seeds, contains a full amino acid complex and includes all nine essential amino acids. 

These essential amino acids are amino acids that your body cannot produce on its own and must get from outside sources. They are absolutely vital to have for muscle development, proper recovery, energy, and more. 

Focusing on complete protein is particularly important for vegans, as the only complete protein sources accessible are quinoa, buckwheat, chia, spirulina, and hemp. 

The perfect addition to any vegan’s diet will be getting protein from hemp seeds. It’s a complete protein that will provide your body with amino acids to function as the building blocks of protein leading to good muscle growth and recovery. The protein in hemp seeds will provide your muscles with high-quality fuel to grow and recover at the highest level. Vegan or not, hemp is a must-have in your diet. 

  1. Helps Improve Digestion

Hemp seeds are rich in fiber. This high fiber content will help your gut reach optimal health. Say goodbye to leaky gut and other stomach pains! Because the fiber in hemp seeds helps to strengthen the wall of your intestine, it reduces inflammation in the gut. This will significantly improve digestion by reducing inflammation in the colon as well as keeping everything regular and running smooth. 

Fiber is a nutrient over 97% of Americans are deficient in, which is an alarming statistic. All of our hemp snack products are high in fiber, and will help improve your bodies digestion, as well as significantly improve the health of your gut. When your gut is healthy, it can focus on digesting nutrients and sending them where they need to go in your body.

Gut health has received recent media attention, and for a good reason. Many people ignore the health of their guts, which plays such a huge role in energy, sleep, mood, and feeling great! As the great Hippocrates himself said  'all disease begins in the gut'

To jumpstart optimizing your gut health today - give our mouthwatering super snacks a try!



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