Our Story


he story of Eaton Hemp began in 2016, in the rolling green hills of Eaton, New York.
Eaton is home to JD Farms, the first farm licensed to grow hemp in New York in over 80
years. Back then, hemp was considered a schedule one narcotic in the United States,
for no other reason than it happens to look just like it’s more infamous cousin Marijuana.
The difference, however, is that hemp can NOT get you high. Not even a little bit. But
because it was still classified as such, Mark Justh and Dan Dolgin, the owners of the
farm, had to apply for a special license from the state to grow it. More than that, they
worked closely with the Governor and New York State Assembly to write new laws that
would ensure other farmers could benefit from growing the crop as well.
As an organic farm, Mark and Dan were initially interested in using hemp as a
cover-crop to crowd out weeds since it has big broad leaves that grow fast. But after
learning about the thousands of other amazing attributes hemp holds, they decided
much more could be done with the fruits of their labor. After a few seasons of trial and
error, Mark and Dan learned the best ways to grow the crop organically, but to build a
brand, they needed a ringer. That’s when kismet brought them to Bryan D’Alessandro,
who has a background steeped in branding and a passion for plant-based living. The
three of them, being fitness fanatics themselves, were stunned by the big nutritional
benefits of this tiny little hemp seed. Moreover, they couldn’t stop eating them straight
from in the field. The rich, nutty, crunchy, buttery flavor is big, bold, and highly addictive.
Hemp Seeds are one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. We call them
“Super Seeds” because not only do they pack a powerful punch of plant-based protein,
but they also contain high amounts of prebiotic fiber. And as the only vegan alternative
to fish oil, hemp contains the essential amino acids your body needs in the ideal omega
3:6 ratio. Our Super Seeds and Super Squares make for the perfect snack because
they aren’t spiked with added sugars that inflame your body, leaving you wired then
sluggish. Our snacks are full of clean energy, in the form of protein, fiber, and healthy
fats, which fuel your body with sustainable nourishment you will draw on throughout the
day. Plus, they taste great. We have worked hard over the last three years to formulate
these super snacks for you and your family. And we will continue rolling out delicious
products that help you feel great. We cannot wait for you to try them yourselves. So
drop us a line (hello@eatonhemp.com) or share with us on Instagram (@eatonhemp)
how you use our products to enrich your daily lives.


They Fuel Everything we do. 

REVERENCE. Mother Nature holds the key to our health. We give her our gratitude by way of respect for the soil and the seeds, the sun and the rain, the harrow and the harvest, and all the good folks who have a hand in getting our hemp out of the earth and onto your shelf

STEWARDSHIP. The work of our day is measured much more than any dollars and cents could value. Our value is in the pride we take in making a product that will benefit the health and well-being of you and your family. We hold ourselves accountable for protecting the trust you put in our care. It’s a big responsibility, and we don’t take that lightly.

TRANSPARENCY. It is your right to know what you put in your body.We may long for simpler times when the food you grew, was the only food you ate. For most of us that’s hard to do, which is why we do it for you. And to ensure we do it right, we are committed to showing you as much of the process as you want to see, from where we grow our seeds to how we make em and bake em.

Meet Our Founders

What do Bruce Wayne, Jack Ryan, and Don Draper have in common? About as much as our founders would seem to on paper. But the power of hemp is compelling. And truth is always stranger than fiction.

Mark Justh grew up in rural Pennsylvania, had a storied career in finance, then wanting to return to his roots. bought a farm in upstate New York. As there is much less bullshit in the barn than in the boardroom, Mark’s outlet for pain now includes marathons, really, really long ones, as in 100 miles.

A few years later, Dan Dolgin left his distinguished career in national security to join Mark as the co-owner of JD Farms. Rumor has it, his state secrets are locked in a vault buried somewhere on the farm. In his downtime, Dan plays bass, sometimes for humans, but mostly for cattle.

When it came time for Mark and Dan to turn their super seeds into super foods, kismet brought them to Bryan D’Alessandro. His illustrious background building values-driven brands combined with a passion for plant-based living formed the last congruent side of the triangle. Bryan watched a lot of Macgyver while growing up on Long Island, which explains his uncanny ability to fix any problem, big or small, sometimes with just a pocket knife.