Dr. Will Cole @drwillcole

''I talk a lot about the benefits of hemp as a clean, plant-based protein source in my book, Ketotarian. Eaton Hemp is doing some really exciting things by providing clean, great tasting whole hemp seeds for snacking in a variety of delicious flavors - making it easy to fit into your everyday routine and the perfect fuel for your plant-based lifestyle!'' - Dr. Will Cole, leading functional medicine expert, IFMCP, DC, and author of Ketotarian

Dr. Will Cole @drwillcole

Leading functional medicine expert, IFMCP, DC, and author of Ketotarian and the Inflammation Spetrum.

Dr. Cole's mission is to help millions take control of their health through natural medicine. Not only is he a world recognized functional medicine expert, but he is a best selling author and goop fellow

Leanne Vogel (@Leannevogel)

I’ve been supplementing with CBD oil since April 2018, and I’ve tried my fair share of CBD products that tout that theirs is the best (most of them lie).

My all-time favorite, fast-acting, winning CBD oil that reduces my anxiety and makes me feel like I've actually got a handle on my life is from Eaton Hemp. 

Leanne Vogel @leannevogel  (formerly @healthfulpursuit) 

Owner of healthfulpursuit.com and leannevogel.com. Author of Keto for Women, and the host of the Keto Diet podcast. Leanne has dedicated her life to helping humans find wellness through natural means. She has changed the lives of many and we are proud to call her a friend!

"Super" Elvis Gashi (@elvisgashiny)

I love Eaton Hemp's CBD products. 

Whenever I am training I use the salve after for instant muscle recovery. In the evening I use the Extra Strength tincture to optomize my sleep and recovery. As a professional athelete, i've learned recovery is just as important as the training itself, and when preparing for a fight I don't have time for inflammation. Thats why I love Eaton Hemp CBD and clean snacks. 

"Super" Elvis Gashi (@elvisgashiny)

Professional Kickboxer. 3rd ranked Glory lightweight in the world. CEO of Arena Training Academy.

Elvis is came to America after a tough childhood in Armania when he was very young. Although growing up in a tough environment, Elvis turned his life around through fighting. He gave back to his community in the bronx by opening his own gym (arenakickboxing) and provides an amazing space for kids in need. In the ring he's an animal, in life he has the biggest heart.  Elvis is the perfect embodiment of what it means to #GetEaton. 

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